Ross Brooks

By Ross Brooks, Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mountain Family Staff, Advocacy Task Force, and Board of Directors,

I am writing to strongly urge you to vote in the elections happening now.  While the official election date is Tuesday, November 5, 2019, this year, many of us have received our mail-in ballots and a “Blue Book” listing statewide ballot items.  The ballots must arrive at your county clerk’s office before 7pm on 11/5/2019.  Some counties will have in-person polling places open on 11/5/2019. 

  • Check your county government’s voter information website which includes ballot drop off locations by clicking here.

Not only is casting a vote the main foundation on which a democracy is built, but it is also a duty, responsibility and obligation of being a citizen of the USA.  I encourage you to vote and bring the same principles and values that motivate you to work on behalf of Mountain Family Health Centers’ patients and communities into your decision making for your ballot—both for elected officials and ballot measures.

On the Colorado ballot this year is Proposition CC.  While CC does not directly fund Community Health Centers like Mountain Family, it does fund pre-school through 12th grade education (which impacts children served by Mountain Family and Mountain Family staff children). If passed, CC it will allow for more funding to be available for health care and other important services.  Our state association, the Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), has chosen to endorse Proposition CC and encourages us to vote yes on CC.

You can find out more about Proposition CC here. Click here to listen to a debate about CC hosted by Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio.