Mountain Family's Patient Portal allows you to communicate easily, safely and securely over your computer or mobile device. It is a valuable tool to provide you with the best medical care and to take an active role in your health care.

You Can Access These Services in Your Portal

  1. Access your medical record
  2. Request and view your appointment & appointment record
  3. View lab results
  4. Communicate with your provider and care team

How to Enroll

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Let’s get Started” and enter your email and a password
  3. On the next page, enter your birthday and choose a security question in case you lose your password, and choose “I don’t have a PIN” and
    fill out the additional information.
  4. Click “Create Account” and you’re done.
    1. While you will be able to request an appointment and send messages, the information from your health record will not populate immediately.
    2. To protect all patients’ privacy, an MFHC staff will confirm the match between your portal account and your medical chart, and then your information will be accessible.
    3. If you need immediate access to the information in your chart, call us and a staff member will assist you in setting up access immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the information in my Patient Portal is not current?

If you create your portal account through the process above, MFHC staff must connect your portal to your chart. This ensures that the correct health record is attached to your portal and protects your information. This can take up to 2 business days.

Once your portal is connected to your account, it will be updated whenever something is updated within your chart. Labs will only populate after your provider has reviewed them. This means if you are not seeing results yet, either Mountain Family has not received the results or your provider has not had a chance to review them yet.

Can I have one Patient Portal account for the whole family?

Yes. You can add family members that you manage and when you log into your Patient Portal. Simply click on “My account” in the top right hand corner, and then “Add a child/dependent.”

How do I change the language of my Patient Portal?

On the top right hand corner of the log-in page and every page of the portal is a language selector which can be set to English or Spanish.

I locked myself out! What do I do?

  • Click on forgot my User Name/Password and it will walk you through resetting it
  • Call Mountain Family Health Centers at 970-945-2840 Option 1 or Option 3 and we will unlock it for you.

How will Mountain Family respond to my Patient Portal messages?

We will reply via the portal to communicate if you initiated the contact through the portal. Replies can be expected within 2 business days.

Do messages through the Patient Portal become part of my medical record?

Yes, all messages sent to you, or by you, become part of your legal medical record.

Can I ask emergency related questions through the Patient Portal?

No. If you are experiencing a health care emergency call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

I think my Patient Portal has been accessed by an unauthorized user, what should I do?

Call, or come by, Mountain Family Health Centers immediately. We will then disable your portal and set you up with a new username and password.