Becky McCaulley. RN Complex Care Specialist Edwards

Nominated by Dr. Josh Rusk and Dr. Kent Petrie.

From Dr. Josh Rusk:

Wow – where to start. Words cannot possibly quantify the magnitude of benefit Becky McCaulley brings to MFHC. Becky is so well-connected to the abundance of resources offered in Eagle County, and seems to know EVERYONE who also has a passion for helping others. Obviously, this makes her an ideal fit for care coordination here at MFHC. Becky has served Eagle County in a wide variety of capacities during her long tenure as a local resident, and each position has held something in common: a strong, selfless dedication to improving the health and wellness of others in her community. Becky has helped build the care-coordination department here in Edwards from the ground up, and heavily supports not only her department, but the other staff in Edwards on many different levels… Even more remarkable is her resilience and positive attitude that lifts everyone around her. You can physically hear Becky coming down the hall with cheerful humming or that slight skip in her step, showing the world that she’s ready for the next challenge. On a team whose goal it is to care for others, there is no better person to work with. We cannot possibly thank Becky enough for what she brings to us and our patients each and every day.

From Dr. Kent Petrie:

I “second” Josh’s nomination of Becky McCaulley for this month’s Mariposa award!

Becky works with with some of the most challenging of our patients at MFHC Edwards. I have participated in several “interventions” she has arranged with patients, their families and their caseworkers, events that have been life changing for all involved. She is skilled in navigating the treacherous waters of the health care and social services systems without capsizing the canoe! Her goal is always to find what is best for her patients and she consistently accomplishes that goal because she sees the best in her patients. Every day she lives out our MFHC mission. Gracias y Dios te bendiga, Becky.

September honorable mentions: Josh Rusk, Alex Vincent and Health Record Specialist Team.