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Congratulations to Kate Andrashko, MSW SW-C

Kate has fostered the medical-behavioral provider relationship in the SBHC by reaching out to me and other providers. She is clearly passionate about helping adolescents with the complex and intersectional care that they need.  

With one particular patient, a preteen girl with depression at high risk for self-harming behaviors, Kate jumped in to talk to her the same day and started building a confidential trusting relationship and has continued counseling the patient with different communication methods that work for her.  

I feel confident in referring challenging adolescent cases to Kate and am so glad she is here on the school healthcare team! – Claire

I would like to nominate Kate Andraschko for the Exemplary Care Award.  Kate has worked tirelessly in the last 2 months to build the behavioral clinician position at GWS High School.  In that time, she has advocated for students, regained the trust of the administration and the school counselors, and is giving wonderful care to kids.  She walked into MFHC knowing that there was work to be done, relationships to repair in order to get this program running smoothly, and she has been amazing.  We are very lucky to have someone as hardworking and committed as Kate in our SBHC.  

She is meeting with students in health classes, study halls, and helping with projects and presentations on mental health.  She is committed to improving the lives of students and staff at the GWS HS.  

Kate has unpacked boxes, hung pictures, arranged furniture, filled in for the front desk and MAs when she can.  She is
amazing!  (And her schedule is going to fill up quickly, so she is glad we hired a front desk person! 😉)  – Barb