Zackary Kent

Congratulations to Dr. Zack Kent MD – October Mariposa Winner!

I would like to nominate Dr Zack Kent for Mariposa.  He is about as excited about public acknowledgement as Marija is, but that hasn’t stopped me yet!  People keep telling me what a difference I have made at the Edwards clinic but that’s just not the case.  I got to walk in as the team was coming to the end of a really rough year.  They had experienced more heart break and dark days than most and were still coming back day after day looking for the light.  Dr Kent should be accredited with giving the leadership that got them through those days.  Between his infamous Dad jokes and his Tuesday lunch time tax lessons… he really has created the work family that everyone dreams of.  When I first started covering Edwards, he told me he needed a new chair, but he wasn’t going to get one if everyone couldn’t have one… so if you got a new chair this year… in Edwards or Glenwood… you need to thank Dr Kent.  He is a true leader even behind the scenes and I am so grateful to get to work with him day after day. 

~ Amanda Canete

I think he is an example of Team Leadership

Since I arrived to the Edwards clinic I have had the opportunity to see how he interacts with all his staff. He is always energetic, happy and positive.

He is caring, always check on everyone and make sure that everyone is doing ok

He is reachable whenever you need him and always thinking about ways to improve the clinic

I’m really happy to have him as my Team Leader and I think he truly deserves this award.

~ Maria Roques

Over the last two years, Zack Kent, has taken the helm as medical site director for Edwards clinic and has been a guiding beacon during the Covid crisis. He has anticipated issues, instituted important measures, promoted safety for patients and staff, and remained calm during the storm.  He instills a sense of security, trust, and ownership with all staff members. I have been impressed with his breadth of knowledge and the humble manner that he imparts this knowledge to staff.  He is a natural teacher and leader:   charismatic, yet practical and knowledgeable, yet never arrogant. He has risen to the challenge of filling Dr. Petrie’s enormous shoes and achieved this outstanding aim. And to be honest, He does not need the “Petrie in a pocket” that was given to him by Carol at Dr. Petrie’s going away party. 

He serves as the ”EKG interpreter extraordinaire” and performs the best sutures I have seen- I think this is due to the fact that he is an expert fly fisherman and has perfected his technique with tying fancy flies and he is the bomb at providing calming care to the anxious and worried patient. 

He can be seen imparting his knowledge to staff members or team building and even at times telling a” roll your eye” Dad joke and it is simply a pleasure to work along-side him.  When I think of Zack, I think of the actor on Mission Impossible- Ethan Hunt -or otherwise known as Zack Kent- no matter what obstacle he encounters, he will come through in the end to accomplish “the mission.”  You can count on it.  He provides quality health care to all those who are lucky enough to be in his care and strives to always improve the process.  We are so fortunate to have him as our medical site director at Mountain Family in Edwards and I think he should be celebrated. 

~ Deb Burns

Dr. Kent has been an amazing leader here in Edwards and everyone needs to know that.

I truly can’t describe how great is it to have Dr. Kent here and how much I enjoy working with him.

As a provider, he is dedicated, professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about what he does in the clinic.

As a leader, he has done an unremarkable job guiding us through difficult times, helping us in resolving issues and taking our clinic to the next level.

Also, I admire the dedication he has put into learning Spanish to be able to speak with our Latino population.

He has become so fluent, and to be honest, I think he does a better job at translating than me.

Dr. Kent, to work under your leadership is the most valuable work experience that anyone could hope for.  

You transform our mistakes into valuable lessons, you are always sharing and teaching us new things, but most importantly you have always been there when times are difficult. 

We love you and your dad jokes!

~ Stephany Ortega

There aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are for Dr. Zack. How often do you come across a boss that is not only great at his job but has the best dad jokes? 

Thank you, Dr., Zack for all you do and keeping up with all the estrogen in this clinic! 

~Melissa Meyer