CO Gives - I Gave Early

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Please give where you live and support Mountain Family Health Centers on Tuesday, December 4th during Colorado Gives Day. This 24-hour movement is a chance to increase the value of your donation, thanks to two opportunities. First, Mountain Family will match up to $75,000 in donations on (or scheduled for) Colorado Gives Day with funds provided by the Caring for Community Fund (Aspen Skiing Company), one of our generous partner organizations.

Second, is offering a $1 million Incentive Fund. Created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, the fund increases the value of every dollar donated proportionally. For example, if Mountain Family Health Centers receives 10% of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, we will receive 10% of the $1 million Incentive Fund.

To donate to Mountain Family Health Centers on Colorado Gives Day, go to Mountain Family’s profile page on You can schedule your donation early, which is a great way to plan ahead and not miss out on making a gift that is important to you. Choose how much you want to give and select to have the donation go through on Tuesday, December 4th as part of Colorado Gives Day.

When you donate to Mountain Family Health Centers during Colorado Gives Day, you’re supporting the expansion of medical, dental, and behavioral health services for Roaring Fork Valley residents and workers. This is a unique opportunity where your donation of $10, $20, or more will support making health care services available for 1,500 more people in a matter of months. Contributing this fall and winter will help us reach our goal of $3.4 million, funding our new & expanded Basalt Integrated Health Center.

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