Marita Huerta Call Center Staff W Glen

Nominated by: Oyen Hoffman

 I am only one of many providers here at MFHC. I don’t really know the exact amount of us there are, but I know we are getting larger in numbers by the day. I think I must send Marita several emails each week to change something on my own schedule or for members of my team. As a mid-level leader here, I realize I might ask for more schedule changes than some others, I also realize that there are other leaders, who are also providers, that are routinely having their schedules changed for this meeting or that event. With the behavioral health team growing at a rapid rate, our schedules are constantly changing. Those changes must become challenging and frustrating at times for our schedulers. I sometimes imaging Marita banging her head against her desk when a new email about the schedule comes to her inbox. She never shows it though. Marita is quick to respond with her help, even though she must be feeling over-worked and overwhelmed at times. I can’t imagine what Marita’s job is like or what she does day in-and-day out. What I do know is that I could not do my job without her help. The BH team would be lost without her teamwork and hard work. Her kindness, professionalism, and efforts are essential to the successful operation of the BH team, and surely integral for all of us providers. I value Marita as a human and an awesome teammate and wish her the very best of everything as she grows with us and continues on this shared journey here at MFHC. Thank you Marita for all that you do!

Nominated by: Alejandra Gallegos

Marita is definately the heart of the call center!!! She is always looking out for her team mates and keeps a steady hand.  Marita is always looking for ways to help our patients and make sure they are taken care of.  Since joining the team I have watched Marita continue to grow in her role as call center lead.  I look forward to seeing Marita expand her professional growth and see her path with our team.

Nominated by: Marija Weeden

Marita is the backbone of the Call Center and I don’t know what we’d do without her! Most recently the call center has had to deal with a lot – illness and family emergencies – and Marita has been a steady force throughout it, including when managing her own health. Marita is consistent and strives to make sure the team has everything they need to be consistently correct themselves. I don’t think it’s overstating to say that Marita is the heart of the call center – every member of the team knows that she cares for them deeply and that she wants what is best for them and our patients.