Caitrin Irish- Mariposa- Nov. 2020

Nominated by: Barbra Corcoran

She is smart, funny and good at her job. She is quick to answer an IM or email when I have a question, and she always writes an intelligible email that is concise and to the point. She is so professional on the phone that I think she could run a phone voice class. I think Caitrin is an underutilized resource! Plus her sarcastic humor is brilliant!

Nominated by: Elaena Price

 Caitrin has been a great addition to the Health Information and Glenwood Springs team.  Since she joined the Health Information team, she has been very determined to learn everything there was to know about medical records, referrals and HIPAA.   Caitrin likes to share this knowledge and educate others.  She is always looking to improve workflows and never hesitates to share her ideas.  While her Health Information partner has been working remotely, Caitrin has been supporting the GWS clinic. We can’t thank her enough for being a team player.

She works very hard and delivers excellent customer service with a smile to her Glenwood Springs team and to our Mountain Family patients.

Nominated by: Devon Spaulding

My first impression of Caitrin was a beaming smile, beautiful hair and smarts that I knew were going to be put to great use with MFHC. Caitrin had never worked in health information but really wanted to break into the medical administration world. There was just something about her that we felt we needed to take a chance on. Shortly after joining MFHC, we knew what that was. She had passion for caring for other, a strong work ethic and a sense of team. She works hard every day and goes the extra mile for our patients. I was privileged enough to have her answer one of my personal referral and health record needs. I was impressed with her timeliness and follow through. Caitrin is a true asset to MFHC. There are so many words that could be shared about her. I hope this is enough to recognize a great employee.