Stephany Ortega RN Edwards

Nominated by: Dalia Salazar
Stephany is very caring and always willing to help. I believe her dedication and motivation make her a great candidate for this award.

Nominated by: Pam Herrera
I would like to nominate Stephany Ortega RN for the Mariposa Award for the following reasons.
Stephany has been a team player since she first started in Edwards, she has been jumping in as a Medical Assistant when we have been short staffed and still finds a way and time to finish her RN duties. She has shown great growth in becoming one of Edwards team leaders and has become role model for the MA’S and myself. Stephany has also been helping with training New MAs and finishing up competencies. I’m very grateful for all her help in supporting the team and most importantly always being there when I need help. Thank you, Steph.

Nominated by: Claudia Morales
I nominate stephany for the mariposa award because she deserves it for all the effort that she gives every day in the clinic, the unconditional help. She is one of the people who does not need to ask if we need help, she simply does it without interest, she does it from the heart. I admire the way she takes care of the patients. She came to fit in perfectly with the clinic and with the patients. we are very grateful to have Stephany with us.

Nominated by: Brisamar Corrales Lopez
Today I nominate Stephany Ortega for the Mariposa of the month for being such an amazing Coworker. Since I started here in MFHC Stephany has been such a huge part of my training. She is always there to give me great advice and guiding me to the path to be a great MA. She is always there to give me a hand. I really appreciate her work.

Nominated by: Jovita Pineda
Good morning, I would love to nominate Stephany Ortega for the Mariposa Award, because she is a fabulous person at our clinic. Always willing to help without us asking for help, has a big heart caring for our patient and staff. Ever since I started my journey at Mountain Family Health Center, she has taught me a lot with our procedures, making sure if I still need to learn something she always comes and grabs me to learn from her. She always has a smile at work prepared to work and be ready for the patient.

Nominated by: Maricruz Cornelio
I nominate Stephy for the Mariposa award because she is a compassionate nurse and friend, effective team leader, and a proactive team player. Stephy is gifted with a kind heart that allows her to be bicultural with patients and treats them with patience. Stephy is always working beyond her nursing duties and willing to step in with MA duties. Thank you, Steph, for always genuinely asking us if we need help, and for always being so gorgeous.