Nominated by: Pam Herrera, CCMA

Alexis is my go-to person when I have any questions. During new hire orientation Alexis explains in depth what the MAS role consist off, gives out a schedule that they will follow and what their training will look like and the steps to become a certified medical assistant. Alexis is also in charge of doing the BLS training and goes out and beyond to make sure that we are getting up to date training and CPR techniques.  I want to thank Alexis for her kindness and patience she’s had with all the recent changes in Edwards, from not having a Practice Manager and figuring out who is doing what role etc.

Nominated by: Siouxanne Mease

I would like to nominate Alexis for the Mariposa Award because it is a huge relief to know that she is doing the FIT testing for all clinic-based staff and frees me to do manage other aspects. She works hard and is always ready and willing to answer questions and problem solve. It is great to have her in the Riverside office ready to assist when needed.

Nominated by: Devon Spaulding

Alexis States, what a joy she is to have on my team. This nomination does not do justice to explain how much she has impacted my life. When Alexis came to MFHC she began as an HR Admin Assistant. Soon, we found that she had numerous talents that would help the entire organization thrive. She is always willing to help wherever is needed and does so with a smile on her face. There isn’t a day that she isn’t learning something new or trying her hand at whatever crazy task we throw at her. Human resources is a department that sees it all and she takes each task as a positive challenge and makes it her own.

Recently, we have been growing staff, expanding our workforce and filling positions that were long overdue. This created extra work and without missing a beat, she was there to lend a hand. There are so many days when she does this. You would be reading forever if I listed them all out.

Our Mariposa Award is designed to celebrate those that go above and beyond, have our mission at heart and make MFHC a great place to work.

Without a doubt, she is a Mariposa.

Nominated by: Amanda Canete

I would like to nominate Alexis States for the Mariposa Award.  Our HR has really been quite amazing throughout this whole pandemic, like next level.  When Devon had the nerve to have her baby at the beginning of the craziness (I love you Devon lol), Alexis stepped up and handled everything without missing a beat.  PM’s coordinate with HR A LOT between forms and interviews and Alexis was amazing.  She was always on it when a new opportunity came out for staff, I had to IM her like 14 times one day for different employees and she went through each of their situations and we came up with the best was to support each of them.  Not only did she help with that part of the pandemic but she also has been in the parking lot almost as much as Steve helping us with COVID vaccines.  I thought we were all going to freeze the day she and Scott were helping in the rain/snow but she never didn’t have a smile on her face… to be fair, it could have been frozen there but I can’t actually picture Alexis in my head without a smile.  She is always willing to come help out and always willing to stop for snacks on the way!  She really 100% deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond and emanating Mountain Family’s virtues.   Thank you Alexis for all you do ❤ Also thank you for not getting mad when you have to ask me 4 times for return to work form 😊

Nominated by: Kathy Yost

Alexis has been a great asset to the HR Dept and helping with payroll needs.  I don’t think I could make a payroll Monday with out her.  She is always quick to respond to my emails for Leave’s with a “I’m on it” and I can just hear the Yee Haw behind every email!   Some weeks we both have very large dents in our foreheads from banging against the wall but she still does everything with a smile, a laugh or some silly emoji! I love that I have her to count on when it comes to payroll HR issues!

Thanks for making me smile in our world of chasing our tails!

Nominated by: Scott Owens

Alexis joined the Mountain Family HR Team over 2 years ago.  She made an immediate impact with her eagerness to learn Human Resources from the ground up and by supporting the Credentialling and Privileging process. 

Alexis shows us how to find joy and fun in most any task or situation.  Her outlook on life and consistent positive attitude is contagious in the workplace.  Alexis holds high expectations of herself and her responsibilities at Mountain Family.  Some notable contributions include keeping all or our required trainings organized and in compliance, providing Basic Life Support training, mask fitting, overseeing recognition programs, leading new hire orientation, keeping all MA and Nurse credentials up to date and provides sales and administration services to our Health Solutions program.

Alexis never backs down from a challenge and owns her development and success.  She makes the HR Team and Mountain Family better.  Thank you, Alexis for all you give to our mission.