Nalley Peralta

Congratulations Nalley Peralta, Outreach & Enrollment Lead

Nominated by: Silvia Santana, Outreach & Enrollment Manager

I would like to nominate Nalley  Peralta. Nalley joined the MFHC team only two years ago, but has became an instrumental part of the Outreach & Enrollment Team. Nalley treats all patients with kindness and superb customer service. She goes above and beyond to ensure the patients understand their next steps and are fully informed of the process. She follows up timely and keeps us all in the department on track. Nalley has became a great Lead for Outreach & Enrollment and is always looking for ways to improve our flows. She is the reason I have been on track these last few months as she communicates clearly steps I have missed or overlooked. She has been working on enhancing the skills of the team and ensuring everyone has what they need to perform their best. Thank you Nalley for being an essential part of the O&E Department.