Corrine Johnson PA Rifle

Congratulations Corrinne Johnson, PA-C

My exemplary care nomination goes to Corrinne Johnson. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Corrinne for nearly five years now. I have seen Corrinne offer heart-felt  and genuine care to her patients each and every day. Corrinne and I share several patients, with me doing the behavioral health work and Corrinne taking care of their medical needs.  I could write volumes about how her patients tell me how they can’t wait to tell Corrinne something about their behavioral health and medical health progress just so they can experience her being proud of them. Imagine that! People wanting to have their PCP be proud of them! It’s evidence that Corrinne deeply cares about the patients she serves. 

Just the other day I had a patient referred from Corrinne who was deeply and severely depressed and actively suicidal with two previous suicide attempts, one of them just a day or two earlier. Remembering that depressed males are twice as likely to die by suicide that depressed females, and males that have tried to kill themselves before are 250 times more likely to die by suicide, this was a patient that was clearly in the high risk category for dying by suicide. During our session together the patient mentioned that he had been out of his antidepressant medication for about 10 days. So, during the session I sent a task to Corrinne letting her know, so I would not forget. A few moment later we heard a soft knock on the office door. This is unusual for there to be a knock on the door during a therapy session, so I opened the door and there was Corrinne. In the sweetest of tones she let the patient know she would send his prescription right over the pharmacy and that he could pick it up on his way home. She then said goodbye and went on about her day. What she did not get to see is the patient go from hunched over, teary-eyed and sad, to sitting up strait confidently with a sense of “You really do care about me.” I believe this small (but hugely profound) gesture of care made all of the difference for this man. 

On behalf of the patient and myself, I’d like to thank and recognize Corrinne for going above and beyond for our patient! Great job Corrinne! 

– Matt Percy, MD, Chief Medical Team Officer