Alejandra Gallegos Health Information Coordinator

Nominated by: Jackie Marshall

I feel that anyone who can spend one day working beside this young lady would see what a pleasure and asset she is to Mountain Family Health Centers. She joined Mountain Family, several years ago, kind of the unseen hero with the many roles and hats she wears leading her into being a true Mariposa example. You can always find her with a smile, she doesn’t say no to any request and works to improve the lives of our patients and employees. No matter the task, she is willing to help.

I’ve seen a lot of growth in Alejandra, she has developed some great leadership skills and mentors her staff with poise and confidence.

For these reasons and many more, I believe Alejandra should be the Mariposa Award Winner.

Nominated by: Marija Weeden

Alejandra was new to her role when I started here in the fall, so while she wasn’t new to the organization, we largely had to learn her role together. Alejandra has demonstrated a great ability to hold the Call Center and Health Information teams to a high standard, while also seeking ways to encourage team work, and she has rolled with all sorts of changes to the way that things are structured. She has provided steady leadership to the teams from continuing to keep teams in line with the uninsured call-back list protocol to implementing workflow changes on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis in COVID. We’ve had to experiment with brand new things, like implementing a new process for new patient paperwork and new scheduling processes, and while these have taken her out of her comfort zone, she has engaged in making sure that the new processes work, championing the ones that work and helping improve the ones that didn’t go so smoothly. As I’ve started my career at Mountain Family, Alejandra has been a daily embodiment of the MFCH values and mission and I’m grateful to work with her on a daily basis.