Leslie Garner Facilities manager

by Annette Franta, CFO

There are few individuals in the workforce today who have dedicated 20 years to a single organization, and not just in the designated 40 hour work week.  Leslie Garner has selflessly given her time and talents to Mountain Family Health Centers since 1999 when the doors were open for the first time to the communities surrounding Glenwood Springs.  As the bilingual office manager, Leslie coordinated the front desk and scheduling functions in Glenwood Springs for the first eight years of her career with MFHC.  During that time she was responsible for giving opportunities to many young women who started their first job in the medical field at the MFHC front desk in Glenwood Springs.  In those days, the front desk function included not only checking patients in and out of their appointments, but also answering all incoming phone calls, medical records management, financial screening, scheduling appointments and follow-ups as needed.  Dare I leave out, also dealing with any patient complaint that came via phone or front desk.

Over the years, as the complexities of HIPAA and confidentiality requirements came into play and the clinic grew into three, then four clinics in the Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle Counties, these functions broke into individual departments at Mountain Family Health Centers, and Leslie’s skills were found to be better utilized by managing the safety and security of our facilities. As MFHC grew, Leslie’s office was moved from Glenwood Springs, to Rifle, and back to West Glenwood Springs and in various locations within each facility as the clinical needs grew. Each move was met with Leslie’s response of “whatever works best for the organization.” That phrase exemplifies Leslie’s spirit of cooperation and respect.

Leslie’s dedication and commitment to MFHC often goes unnoticed as she responds to security calls after hours at ALL of our facilities over the years (even Black Hawk and Nederland when they were still open), from an alarm set off, to toilet back-ups and delivery mishaps at each of the facilities. Her home and private phone numbers are shared with many staff and venders at MFHC and even used during her vacation and scheduled days off. In her role as the Facilities Manager, Leslie has expanded our resources and sophistication in the areas of safety, security and emergency preparedness. I can always count on Leslie to respond and find a solution to any issue with which she is confronted.

Through all of my professional interactions with Leslie, one of the things I appreciate most about her is her ability to share a concern, work with me to find a solution, and move on.  I don’t have to worry about something in the past affecting her ability to make good decisions in the future.  I also so very much respect the bond and commitments she has to her family.  Through the years I’ve known her, Leslie’s number one commitment is to her family; children, parents, siblings, in-laws and now first and foremost grandchildren.  They are the apple of her eye, and if you haven’t ever seen that twinkle, just ask her about her grandkids. 

Thank you Leslie for your twenty year commitment to MFHC, our patients and staff.  You represent our six principles on a daily basis, and make it easier for me to do my job every day, as I know you silently do for many others as well.