10-Daniela Quezada Medina, Patient Service Rep Rifle

“Daniela has demonstrated her passion towards our mission. Daniela has worked with MFHC for 4 years. She is always willing to help in all locations when short staffed. Daniela has gone beyond to make sure patients’ needs are attended too. She has a great relationship among her coworkers. Even though she presents herself as being quiet, she is very outgoing. I am honored in nominating her for the Mariposa award.” – Mayra Sanchez

“I’d like to nominate Daniela Quezada patient representative in Rifle, for her long trajectory offering customer service, her charisma and availability to help. She is tireless when it comes to sharing her knowledge with others. She remains in calm when the situation seems to get complicated and knows how to combine the perfect mix between hard and smart work.” – Dariana Casillas Ziga

“I have worked with Daniela for a short period of time but She’s a really great person to work with. Daniela has always been really helpful when I’ve need help with dental and medical. At first Daniela seems really quiet and shy but once she gets to know you she’s a very outgoing person. She always will to help our Patients and treats them with respects.”- Iris Mancinas

“She is for sure a quiet fighter. I have gotten to opportunity to work with her for little over a year now. Even though she is quiet, she knows what she is doing and is always trying to help. She is good at consulting with me regarding any pts that might have questions for me or keeping up when they come and drop off something. Also, she is always there for me with any questions I might have for her. I have seen her deal with sometimes upset pts, and happy ones too, her customer service in both scenarios is always with the same level of respect, and care. That is why I feel that her hard works deserves some recognition, and she is great candidate for the Mariposa award.” – Maira Mendoza