Sara Jacobs LCSW BH Provider Basalt

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Behavioral Health Provider Sara Jacobs, LCSW, is the winner of the October 2019 Mariposa Award. Sara was nominated by fellow Behavioral Health Providers Geneane Lazo, LPCC, Barbra Corcoran, MSW, Oyen Hoffman, LMFT, and Melvin Betancourt, LCSW. Congratulations, Sara, and thank you for your hard work.

“Sara is constantly putting her patients as a priority, at times staying hours after she technically is ‘off.’ Sara is too modest to brag on herself, but she is an amazing worker and counselor who exhibits the 6 principles and missions of Mountain Family Health Centers!” – Geneane Lazo, Behavioral Health Provider

“I nominate Sara because she is always there to answer a question, thinks through problems completely, and usually has an explanation or an angle that no one else has thought of. She also upholds The Social Work Code of Ethics better than anyone I know.” – Barbra Corcoran, Behavioral Health Provider

“I also nominate Sara. Sara personifies the Mountain Family Health Centers mission. Right after her family, she puts her patients and her clinic site first. She cares deeply for her team and for the people she selflessly serves here at Mountain Family. Sara positively impacts the lives of the people she has dealings with including her team, the clinic at Edwards, her patients, her family and even new-grad or pre-grad interns. Sara routinely goes above and beyond in her service to others and not recognizing that would be a wasteful disgrace. Sara has always been an active in our discussions and meetings, advocating for the needs of her patients and the needs of her team. Sara has exemplified the standards by which LCSWs [Licensed Clinical Social Workers] conduct their lives and practice. It is, and has been, my absolute honor and pleasure to get to work alongside such a talented and professional clinician. I am happy and proud to call Sara my friend and my colleague. Let’s congratulate Sara for her work and dedication to the folks she serves each day! Great job, Sara!” – Oyen Hoffman, Behavioral Health Provider

“Sara is an excellent Social Worker and Clinician. We are truly blessed to have her in our team. She deserves the Mariposa Award and more. Good job, Sara, you are the greatest.” – Melvin Betancourt, Behavioral Health Provider