Mariposa - Rosalyn Negrete Patient Service Rep Supervisor GWS Clinic

By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winner of the October 2018 Mariposa Award is Patient Service Representative Rosalyn Negrete with our Glenwood Springs health center. Rosalyn was nominated by Danyelle Rigli, CFO Annette Franta and CEO Ross Brooks. Congratulations, Rosalyn!

“…Rosalyn has been a leader, even if she doesn’t realize it, in the Advocacy efforts of MFHC. She recently came to me wanting to help get people registered to vote because she knows what an important process that is for the community. She has volunteered to integrate that into her daily activities at the front desk. I’ve seen her take what she learns about advocacy at work at use it in the community and engage her children in the process by attending rallies and functions. Rosalyn is a strong woman and I would like to recognize her hard work ethic and award her the Mariposa Award in October 2018.” – Danyelle Rigli, Executive Assistant & Advocacy Coordinator

“I second Danyelle’s nomination of Rosalyn for the Mariposa award. Rosalyn is professional, committed, witty, and always looking for ways to improve care and services for our patients. During the recent Mountain Family Health Centers Uninsured Summits, Rosalyn took it upon herself to survey our patients at the Glenwood Springs front desk to better understand why the uninsured are growing at Mountain Family. She conducted research and shared her findings at the MFHC Glenwood Springs uninsured summit, helping Mountain Family better understand, and address, the growing uninsured in our communities. She is quick to greet with a smile at MFHC Glenwood Springs and a wise presence to have on our team.” – Ross Brooks, CEO

“Rosalyn has been a strong and steady part of the Glenwood Springs Front Desk team for over 11 years. I value her commitment to helping our patients access care, to always perform her best, help others to be their best and to do it all with a smile. I have always respected Rosalyn for her calm and professional demeanor, and I feel fortunate that she continues to bring her talents and time to Mountain Family Health Centers.” – Annette Franta, CFO

Other nominees for October were Anne Wilburn, Sara Jacobs, and Cathy Lettice.