Danyelle Carlson Execuative Administrative Assitant

By Mountain Family Health Centers

On Wednesday, February 7th, the Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) presented Mountain Family Health Centers Advocacy Coordinator Danyelle Carlson with the 2018 Community Health Advocate Award. Here is an excerpt from her award:

“[Danyelle] took on Mountain Family’s civic engagement work beginning in 2014, helping to bring voter registration opportunities to all Mountain Family sites and throughout the community… In addition, when the first [Community Health Center] funding cliff was going to occur in 2015, Danyelle lead a letter collection effort for Mountain Family, collecting hundreds of letters of support from patients, community members, partner organizations, and local businesses. She has continued this leadership throughout the past year with another federal funding cliff looming, ensuring patients, staff, and board members are aware of the risks and are poised and ready to take action.”

Carlson is also Contract Administrator and Executive Assistant to CEO Ross Brooks. We’re thrilled her hard work is being recognized!

To read more about Danyelle’s accomplishments and her award, click here.