By Danyelle Carlson, Advocacy Coordinator

Mountain Family Health Centers was recently recognized by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) as a Hispanic Advocacy Center of Excellence (HACE). HACE, a new iteration of NACHC’s Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE), is an initiative designed to institutionalize grassroots advocacy of community health centers by engaging Hispanic patients and community members in advocacy and giving them a role in the health center movement.

The goal of being inclusive of all cultures and demographics is an important one for Mountain Family. Receiving HACE recognition is a testament to our efforts to provide educational materials in both English and Spanish to ensure our message reaches as many of our patients as possible. Mountain Family also encourages people to enlist in the Health Center Advocacy Network to receive important updates on policy issues as well as find easy methods for contacting local and state legislators about important issues.

This last year, Mountain Family established an Advocacy Task Force, made up of employees and community partners, who meet one per month to discuss current issues facing MFHC and community health centers across the Country. Anyone interested in joining the Advocacy Task Force can contact Advocacy Coordinator Danyelle Carlson at