Alex Vincent - Quality Improvement Manager

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations to Mountain Family’s Quality Improvement Manager, Alex Vincent, for winning the May 2018 Mariposa Award! Alex was nominated by Danyelle Carlson, who had these words of appreciation:

Alex is so passionate about her job and incredibly knowledgeable. When she speaks about her work you can sense that she is interested in it and gets super jazzed about improving the quality out comes at Mountain Family Health Centers. She works hard traveling to each site and has increased her communication throughout the organization to ensure that people are up-to-speed on current projects and expectations.

Alex has really stepped up her game, attending Executive Team and Board meetings, presenting on team-based care in a relatable and understandable way. She is doing all of this and also going to school. She is bettering MFHC but also bettering herself. I think Alex deserves this recognition as Quality Improvement can often be overlooked, but is a huge part of what makes MFHC great.

Way to go, Alex!