Lead Dental Assistant Ricardo Zavala is  the March Mariposa Award winner!

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations to Ricardo Zavala, Lead Dental Assistant, for winning the Mariposa Award for March! He was nominated by dental provider Dr. Connor Rivers, who described his appreciation for Ricardo this way:

“Ricardo has to be one of the hardest working employees in our organization. Not only is he a fully capable assistant in dentistry, but he is a fully capable mechanic that spends many hours outside of his normal hours to care for our mobile dental RV.

Beyond the great work that he puts into making sure every aspect of the RV is in working order, he is absolutely fantastic with patients. He does all the aforementioned things exceptionally well, but he also has the third responsibility of being our “front desk” person for the mobile unit. He is the first person to greet people as they enter and makes every single patient (even those he doesn’t already know) feel immediately welcome. He is great at working with people and their financial situations to assist them in receiving the most affordable care that they can, one of the pillars of Mountain Family. He is also very skilled at dealing with apprehensive adults, and especially children. If it weren’t for him I know there are some children that I may not have been able to treat, but with Ricardo making his jokes with them and calming them with his words and presence I was able to render effective treatment.

Ricardo deserves to be recognized for his above and beyond commitment to making our experiment, that is the Mobile Dental Unit, a great success.

Finally, I will again address the fact that he has been forced to spend many days off driving the RV from Basalt to Silt and back in order to change the water (a critical part of our existence until the RV can be directly plumbed to a waste line), and he has done so without complaint.” – Dr. Connor Rivers