Jenni Rodriguez

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Jenni Rodriguez is the winner of the March 2019 Mariposa Award! Jenni is Outreach and Enrollment Specialist Lead and was nominated by Outreach and Enrollment Manager Silvia Santana. Thank you for your hard work, Jenni!

“Jenni started with Mountain Family Health Centers in 2015. She came with no knowledge of the Affordable Care Act, but she was able to jump right in and enroll individuals and families. Jenni is passionate about the work she does and is always willing to go the extra mile. She jumps in to help her fellow team mates and those actions earned her the Lead position for the Outreach and Enrollment Department. Jenni has had to cover various locations during her time with Mountain Family. During Open Enrollment, she travels to Aspen once a week to ensure individuals/families have access to the services we provide. When conducting outreach, Jenni takes pride in our table and ensures it is appealing to the public. We all know to step out of the way and let her do her thing. I am very proud of the work Jenni does and grateful that she continues to excel in our department.” – Silvia Santana, Outreach and Enrollment Manager