Alondra Bustillos - Dental Assistant Rifle

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations to Alondra Bustillos for winning the July 2019 Mariposa Award. Alondra is a Dental Assistant at our Rifle Integrated Health Center and was nominated by Dr. Audrey Fisher, Dr. Sanju Basi, Dental Assistant Cristal Otero-Chavez, and Front Desk Supervisor Mayra Sanchez.

“Alondra is an essential member of our dental team and I feel she embodies the Mountain Family spirit. She is professional, kind, resourceful, and thoughtful. She is… our rock on busy days and keeps everyone on track while providing support. I feel fortunate to work with her; she truly elevates everyone around her. Alondra has cheerfully taken on new tasks and has rearranged her schedule to fill the dental clinic’s needs. I appreciate her every day and I am delighted to nominate her for the Mariposa Award.” – Dr. Audrey Fisher, Dentist

“Alondra is an ideal candidate for the Mariposa Award. Her main focus when she comes to work every day is patient care. She expertly manages her numerous responsibilities as lead dental assistant all while having a smile on her face… She ensures everyone has what they need to get their job done in a timely and organized manner. I am so glad I have the privilege to work alongside her.  She is always is eager to take on new responsibilities.” – Sanju Basi, Dentist

“I would like to nominate Alondra Bustillos. She has truly stepped up as a leader and has helped not only at the Rifle locations but all locations. She has helped in training her team in Rifle and staff that is to be at the other locations as well. Her knowledge in dental has made her the “go to” girl with questions and concerns. Rarely does she need help answering a question, but if she does she never passes on an opportunity to learn more and knows where to find the answer or ask for help. Whether it’s doing her admin duties or covering the floor, Alondra is on it with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and lots of patience. She is not only self-motivated, but also team-oriented and communicates effectively with everyone around her. Her strong work ethic and dependability has made her a truly admirable co-worker.” – Cristal Otero-Chavez, Dental Assistant

“I would like to nominate Alondra Bustillos. She is a great asset to the dental team. She has done a great job training all her new employees. She does great under pressure. I have worked with her and have seen how much she has grown within the organization. She treats patients and staff with care and respect.” – Mayra Sanchez, Front Desk Supervisor