By Mountain Family Health Centers

Cheryl Fiscus, IT Support Technician

Derek Sell, SQL Data Analyst

Congratulations to our powerhouse IT team, who have won the January Mariposa Award! The team includes Cheryl Fiscus, IT Support Technician; Derek Sell, SQL Data Analyst; Jim Jones, Systems Administrator; Neil De Guzman, Hardware Administrator; Mary Jo Schreiner, EHR Specialist; and IT Director Fred Frederick.

The IT team was nominated by the Rifle and Edwards health centers for assistance during a recent technology change. The team also worked around the clock to prepare the new Basalt Integrated Health Center for our grand opening this week.

Thank you for your hard work, IT team! Here are some of the nominations for the IT Team from the Edwards and Rifle health centers:

Neil De Guzman, Hardware Administrator

Fred Frederick, IT Director

“… I can’t image how challenging our [recent change] was on our IT team. We cannot thank them enough for responding to our panicked emails and IM’s with patience, and kindness. I cannot think of one time through this process that Derek did not respond right away to help me or my providers with whatever ‘issue’ we were having with our computers or printers. Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough for everything the entire IT team has done for our Edwards team!

“In nominating IT for the Mariposa award, the old phrase, “When you are given lemons, make lemonade” comes to mind. Since there is no “Lemon Law” for Electronic Health Records (like there is for cars), our IT department has certainly been making a lot of lemonade… When I request help, I never get a “sour” response.”

“The [recent change] was a huge change for all of us. It was a process that was stressful, but I could not imagine getting through it without the IT team. Everyone was so wonderful, but I need to brag on Derek for a second because every time I needed something, he was online and would stop everything to get it done. I want to thank the whole team for their amazing work. I cannot imagine how stressful it all was. Good job team!”

“Thank you, Cheryl, for coming to Edwards to assist with IT issues. We appreciate your on-the-spot fixes of your glitches!”

“IT team, we want to celebrate you. We are ever thankful for all your assistance and we can only imagine how many IMs you receive every day!”

Jim Jones, Systems Administrator

Mary Jo Schreiner, EHR Specialist

“The Rifle clinic would like to submit a joint Mariposa nomination for our entire IT team. We greatly appreciate their efforts during [the recent change]. We know this has been hard work and are proud to work with such a skilled team that remained cheerful despite a stressful situation. We are especially thankful for their quick work in coming up with solutions to make our clinic flow more efficient.”

Also nominated for the January Mariposa Award were the Care Coordination Team, Health Information Specialist Kathryn Armstrong, Director of Operations Margarito Flores, and O&E Specialist Lead Jenni Rodriguez.