“She is hardworking and a thought leader. I appreciate the way she incorporates humor and determination into her work regimen. I often tease that we give all the hard work to Wendy when we work on projects, but in actuality that’s the truth!” Steven Leazer

“There is a silent hero among us. She quietly does her work every day with little recognition or even awareness of the importance of her work. Wendy Flottmeyer has been a staple at MFHC for the past 17 years (confirm for me) and we are a better organization due to her dedication and hard work. It is amazing to me the scope of her knowledge and how it affects so many different aspects of MFHC. Front desk, billing, EHR, coding and most important the cheerleader for so many of us. During the COVID pandemic, daily she rolled with the punches. Find how to code telehealth, determine how can we bill for phone visits, which insurances will cover telehealth and the list goes on and on. I am grateful to Wendy for the humor she brings to the GWS clinic, the knowledge she so readily shares with all MFHC, and her ability to allow everyone else to shine.”- Jenny Lang- Burns

“Wendy is very much deserving of the Mariposa award as she truly embodies the six principles and the MFHC Mission every day. Over the past few years, Wendy has become a sought out addition to many work groups and task forces because she has great skills at identifying potential problems, offering solutions and work with her colleagues and teams to share the load. Her interpersonal skills and always willing to help attitude make it easy for others to approach her with ideas, problems or areas of concern, knowing that she will find a path forward to try to address.

Wendy leads by example and I admire her for her self-care and her willingness to take risks. It’s a pleasure to have her on our team.” –Annette Franta, CFO