Natasha Ellwood PA Rifle

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Natasha Ellwood, PA, is the winner of the February 2019 Exemplary Care Award. Natasha sees patients at our Rifle health center and was nominated by Dr. Matt Percy and Dr Anneliese Heckert. Thank you for going the extra mile to provide excellent care for your patients, Natasha. We value your hard work.

“[Natasha provided] exemplary care of a medically complex patient who ended up having a tumor… Patient initially complained of shortness of breath with exertion and Natasha persisted with thorough workup until diagnosis was made and has also gone to bat for this uninsured patient to connect with resources for support and treatment in the community. ” – Dr. Matt Percy, Director of Clinical Staff and Rifle Site Medical Director

“I would like to nominate Natasha for the Exemplary Care Award. She recently told me of a difficult case… Natasha cared for a patient when he came out of the hospital with what sounded like a grave prognosis. Due to insurance status he was not a candidate for hospice. Natasha took time out of her schedule to hold a 45-minute family meeting, working with siblings and the patient’s wife to help them reach an understanding of his terminal illness. Unfortunately, he remained ineligible for hospice. Natasha was able to work with a specific hospice nurse and was able to convince her to do a home visit with the patient, with the agreement that Natasha was called upon to prescribe comfort medications to him. Although this was not something she had normally done Natasha was able to handle this request with compassion and work with the nurse on a plan they were all comfortable with, and that gave the patient the best care during his peaceful death. I feel this demonstrates keeping the patient in the center, and assembling resources where they are really needed.” – Dr. Anneliese Heckert, Director of Integrated Care and Basalt Site Medical Director

Other nominees this month were Behavioral Health Provider Oyen Hoffman, Dr. Gail Mizner, Corrinne Johnson, PA, Behavioral Health Provider Barbra Corcoran, Natasha Ellwood, PA, and Mary Patterson, FNP.