Dr Amy Archer CMO

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Amy Archer is stepping down from her post this summer, after leading Mountain Family’s shift towards integrated care. Dr. Archer joined Mountain Family in March 2015, and oversaw the growth of integrated medical and behavioral care, the expansion of quality improvement, and many changes and improvements to site provider leadership. That included expanding Behavioral Health into its own department and nearly doubling Mountain Family’s Integrated Care/Care Coordination program.

“Mountain Family is an outstanding organization, from caring providers and staff to wonderful patients. It has been such a true gift to work with this organization,” says Dr. Archer. Regarding Integrated Care, she says “this is the best approach to helping a human being. And now we’re moving into team-based care, which is absolutely the epitome of integrated care: a system to truly help the patient.”

Looking back on her time with Mountain Family, Dr. Archer is impressed with the strategic planning required to operate and continually improve a network of community health centers. “At the chief level it was exciting to see, from 30,000-foot level, how everything worked together within the organization, as well as at the community, state, and even federal level.”

Dr. Archer will be moving to Grand Junction in this summer and will be following her passion of helping patients with the addition of Integrative/Holistic Care. She still truly enjoys caring for Mountain Family patients and she plans to stay on as an as-needed provider for Mountain Family.

Dr. Archer shared her final thoughts in late April, saying, “Mountain Family is such an amazing team of chiefs, exec team, board of directors and staff. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this organization and assist in its growth and change. Many will remain in my heart and this experience will continue to enrich my future career.”