Yunira Gomez RN Basalt NEW

From Nataly Meraz – I can’t think of a more deserving person for this month’s Mariposa Award than Yunira Gomez. Working with Yunira over the last year has been a pleasure. I have seen so much growth in her as a new graduate nurse and as a leader. Her dedication to our company’s mission is what makes her deserving of this award. She is committed to serving our patient population and establishing relationships with them which helps patients meet their health goals.  She encompasses our mission to provide high quality care to patients by ensuring that each patient is treated fairly, has their needs met and following through on their care. Her strong work ethic shows not only in patient care but with the team as well. She has been a leader in our clinic by always being willing to jump in and help where needed. She has provided MAs, providers and myself support on a daily basis. She is not afraid to jump in to complete challenging tasks and always willing to keep learning.  I am proud of the Nurse she has become during this last year.

Fellow Colleague – I want to nominate Yunira to the Mariposa Award because her work ethic has impressed me, her kindness and patience makes our patients feel well taken care for. Every time I have asked Yunira to do flu shots or schedule for COVID tests she never hesitates to comes over to Dental even on busy days. She supports Dental team in every way possible.  Yunira is always willing to help out in any situation. I have always seen how much she supports her team when they are short staff. 

From Sara Jacobs – I always hear Yunira on the phone talking with patients, and she is always so clear, calm and kind. I think I’ve learned a lot about some of our medical procedures and lab tests, just by hearing her explain them so well! She brings that same patience and intelligence to helping her coworkers day in and day out. Often I’ve reached out to her when a BH patient asks me a question about their medical care, and I’ve really appreciated her willingness to step in and help. Thank you, Yunira! 

From -Jessi Pinnock  – I’d like to nominate Yunira because she is such a selfless member of our incredible nursing team here in Basalt. Yunira is always one step ahead of me during our busy days, especially when I get lucky to have her step in as MA-nurse extraordinaire. In Basalt we have been short staffed and have been utilizing our nurses as MA staff and COVID testers, all while relying on them as nurses. Yunira takes all of her roles in stride and does an excellent job filling shoes where she is needed. She is willing to go above and beyond for our patients and when our patient needs comfort during a procedure she is there reminding them to deep breath and is there with a hand to hold. She deserves to be recognized and appreciated for the incredible job she does, her great humor and the difference she makes at Mountain Family, for our patients and our community. We love you Yunira!!!!

From Emily Borkovec – When I returned from maternity leave last year, I was more than pleasantly surprised to meet Yunira.  In the short time I was gone, she had been hired and trained, working in full capacity as a nurse in the Basalt clinic.  Since that time, I’ve come to truly appreciated Yunira as a nurse and as a person.  She is kind, intelligent, and a diligent worker.  She takes initiative to solve problems and goes above and beyond to care for our patients every single day.  Lately, she has been taking on the role of MA and nurse when we’re short-staffed, efforts which are deserving of many kudos.  Yunira we are so lucky to have you on our team!

Estela Lujan-Ortiz –   Hi, I think that Yunira would be a great nominee. She never hesitates to help with any question I have. She is always available to let me know if I am needed for a WCC. I have heard her interact with patients over the phone and in person. Yunira is always so nice to them and explains everything with detail. I can tell that she really cares about her patients.

From Jocelyn Vega –   I would like to nominate Yunira for this month’s Mariposa Awards for multiple reasons, but the main reason is because of how friendly she always is, in person and on the phone. We usually have a little joke that when we are on the phones we have a “customer service” voice, but with Yunira whether she is on the phone or in person she is always so kind, smiley, and friendly. If she does not have an answer she makes sure to find the correct answer as fast as possible and will call the patient or even coworker right back to make sure they have the answer they are looking for. Even when Yunira is under pressure she ALWAYS has a smile on her face and so quick to respond to the provider or coworker. She has stepped up in more ways than one to be a great nurse at Mountain Family. Yunira is a great example of a Mariposa Winner 😊

From Anneliese Heckert – I would like to nominate Yunira for Mariposa this month. Since starting with MFHC just over a year ago she has become an integral part of our team. Yunira is a fast learner, a compassionate caregiver, and a positive attitude that just won’t quit. She is a brave member of the COVID testing team and doesn’t she away from the challenges that come with that. As a new nurse Yunira has learned so much, and she is working to educate her patients now on chronic care. I look forward to working with Yunira for many years to come!