Consuelo Gaytan MA Rifle

Nominated by: Nataly Meraz

Consuelo is very deserving of this month’s Mariposa Award. Consuelo exemplifies the values and principles of Mountain Family Health Centers by showing high quality work in whatever task she is working on. I am thankful for the leadership she has provided to the team in Basalt during the last half a year. She has managed her time working between two sites and has done a great job. She has come and  provided support to our staff and is always dedicated to teach us new things. I appreciate the work and commitment she has put into helping improve our  compliance measures at the clinic and working to make sure that our VFC program is maintained. She is dedicated in her role and mission at Mountain Family and is not often recognized as much as she deserves.  Thank you Consuelo for all your hard work!

Nominated by: Elaena Price

I would like to nominate Consuelo Gaytan for this month’s Mariposa winner.  I have had the opportunity to work with Consuelo very closely over the last year and a half.  While I was recruiting a Practice Manager, Consuelo was a wealth of knowledge and was a large component on keeping the clinic running when I was not able to be there every day.  Her eagerness to learn and improve workflows was great to see.  Consuelo is always willing to help her team and works long hours to ensure all her paperwork and duties are completed when she leaves for the night.  When we needed a Lead MA in Basalt, she did not hesitate to accept the extra duties.  Over the last few months, Consuelo has exhibited what teamwork looks like, she speaks up with new ideas and always greets you with a smile.   (she is also my birthday twin)

Nominated by: Matt Percy

Consuelo is one of the hardest workers I know. She has handled being the lead MA at 2 sites with grace and determination. She is always willing to go the extra mile for the patient or to be sure tasks get done correctly. While others might shy away from difficult tasks such as the VFC audit, she leaned in and got it done. It has been a pleasure to see her grow as a leader and hear her feedback to improve workflows over the past few years. I am proud to have her as a coworker and think she is very deserving of the Mariposa award.

Nominated by: Marija Weeden

For the past several months Conseulo has done not just one job, but two, serving as the Lead MA for both Rifle and Basalt. Consuelo took on this responsibility in the midst of the Vaccines For Children (VFC) Corrective Action Plan, meaning she played a key role in helping two of our sites fix our documentation issues and get back onto the right track with the vaccination program. It was during the VFC work that I got to know Conseulo as a quiet and respected leader within the organization. She has great attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring that the needs of both the clinical teams and the patients are met. I look forward to seeing Conseulo’s future path with Mountain Family.