Diane Purse FNP

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Diane Purse is the winner of the April 2018 Mariposa Award. Diane was nominated by Certified Nurse Midwife Carol Conger. Carol has the following words of praise:

“It is a great pleasure to recommend Diane Purse unequivocally for the Mariposa Award. Diane possesses profound expertise in pediatric medicine. She embraces the whole family as her client and truly TIRELESSLY explores answers, resources and treatment options for the most vulnerable young people in our community. Diane accesses specialty care daily at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Her thorough assessment and clarity in purpose is valued by the specialists, their staff and most of all the struggling families. She has an almost uncanny way of keeping track of her patients, especially the tiny newborns and follows up on them day and night and every weekend. She is a guiding light for each of us in Edwards in her kindness, compassion and tenacity. She is raising the coming generations with a commitment rarely seen. Please join us in celebrating her excellence.”