Roots of Wellness is our new program designed to help you manage your health by learning about simple lifestyle changes you can make for better health. Participants in this free 8-week wellness program will learn about food as medicine, how to choose and afford healthy foods, gardening, physical activity and how to manage or prevent chronic diseases including diabetes and emotional health.

Roots of Wellness 2021 8-week course begins on Oct. 7th and is held every Thursday through Dec. 2nd. The first class on Oct. 7th  is from 5-6:30 pm and the remaining classes will be held from 6-7:30 pm. Some classes will be  in-person, and some will be virtual. Roots of Wellness Colorado/Food is Medicine/Partners in Health is an ongoing program designed to teach you about simple lifestyle changes that can improve your health. This collaborative community  partnership was created in 2018  by Siouxanne Mease, a nurse at Mountain Family Health Centers, as a capstone project for Health Care Advocacy and has grown to serve the community in a unique and beneficial way.

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Food Is Medicine

Did you know what you eat can make a huge difference in your health? Food is our most basic medicine. What we eat fuels our body and allows it to function. Food helps us maintain our health. It can help prevent disease and can also be the best medicine to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes. (Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body has high sugar levels for prolonged periods of time. This disease can be deadly if not treated or managed.) Even your emotional well-being is affected by your diet.

Join us for this free 8-week wellness program. Learn how you can achieve and maintain optimal health with nutritious foods and physical activity.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Basics of Gardening. How to put a garden to bed for the winter so it is ready for spring along with some fall container planting of Garlic and onions, drying (preserving) herbs.
  2. Cooking Matters Classes:
    1. Learn to modify recipes and make a balanced meal and save money while grocery shopping.
    2. Hack your snack: Reading food labels and preparing healthy snacks
    3. Healthy starts at home: How meal planning can keep you on track, and learning to look for sugar in beverages
  3. Chronic Disease Prevention/Management: 80% of all Chronic diseases that make us sick or even kill us are preventable. We will discuss prevention, treatment, and reversal of diseases through simple lifestyle changes and diet modification.
  4. Yoga for all. It is so much more than physical movement. It is a great way to support physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere by anyone. This class is suitable for all levels and abilities.
  5. Behavior Modification: Mindfulness through gardening, watering of seeds of good positivity rather than negativity. Gardening as a coping mechanism, caring for others, caring for self.

Class Schedule

NOTE: Spanish Interpretation will be available for all classes

 1  10/7/21  Garden -1 MFHC Rifle Garden* CSU Ext/Drew Walters    and Siouxanne Mease, RN  5-6:30 pm
2 10/14/21 Cooking Matters Virtual** Garfield County PHa/Stephanie Nick 6-7:30 pm
3 10/21/21 Disease Prev/Mgmt Event Hall***/virtual** “The Peoples Clinic” Dr. Greg Feinsinger 6-7:30 pm
4 10/28/21 Yoga Event Hall*** Virtual** Kaitlyn McGovern 6-7:30 pm
5 11/4/21 Behavioral Health Event Hall*** Virtual** Oyen Hoffman 6-7:30 pm
6 11/11/21 Garden-2 MFHC Garden* Virtual** Siouxanne Mease, RN  

6-7:30 pm

7 11/18/21 Cooking Matters Event Hall*** Garfield County PHa/Stephanie Nick 6-7:30 pm
This week off for Thanksgiving
8 12/02/21 Cooking Mattes Virtual** Garfield County PHa/Stephanie Nick 6-7:30 pm
  • Raised garden beds next to Rifle’s Mountain Family Health Centers clinic

**  Virtual link invite will be sent via email to participants email before the course begins

*** Garfield County Fair Grounds/Event Hall: Rifle

    a   Garfield County Public Health/Cooking Matters Registered Dietician

As indicated above, there will be a virtual option for all but the Garden components of the course, for those individuals that feel safer joining from home. We want you to know that you are welcome to join and be a part of a lifestyle change that will benefit you for the rest of your life if maintained.

We hope you will register to participate and join us for this amazing course.

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Contact Siouxanne Mease for any questions or concerns.

Siouxanne Mease RN BSN: call or text to 970-945-2840 or email to:

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