Your Friends and Neighbors Need Your Help

People who are enrolled in Medicaid will need to reapply to the State of Colorado for re-determination of their eligibility. Statewide, it is projected that 16-18% of current enrollees will lose their Medicaid coverage over the coming year as a result of the re-determination process.

Currently, 30% of our 24,000 patients are enrolled Medicaid and 44% are uninsured, but the end of the PHE will impact these percentages; we anticipate many patients will lose their Medicaid coverage and have no insurance to cover their care.

You can help us continue to provide cost effective, evidence-based, high-quality healthcare to your friends and neighbors who need our services now more than ever.

Our Health For All Fund provides critical operating support for our entire organization.

Mountain Family Health Centers Receives Enterprise Zone Designation

Mountain Family Health Centers in Garfield County have been designated by the State of Colorado as an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project, which encourages economic growth.  Colorado residents who make a qualifying Enterprise Zone gift of $50 or more to MFHC are eligible for a tax credit of up to 25%, essentially reducing the amount of state income tax they pay.  To be eligible for an Enterprise Zone tax credit, please indicate on your check (in the memo field) or electronic payment the donation is for Garfield County Enterprise Zone (EZ).  The annual maximum tax benefit is $100,000.

Note: If you are making an Enterprise Zone donation, you may be contacted by Mountain Family Health Centers for additional information for tax filing purposes.