Behavioral health provider meets with a patient

A community member, Audrey shared her experience with integrated care at one of our clinics for her daughter, Mary. Mary had multiple health needs and came to Mountain Family during an unplanned leave from college following a mental health crisis. She coped with a physical disability in addition to managing severe depression and other health conditions. Audrey recalls the visit by stating, “What an incredible experience we had!” A behavioral health provider was brought in during the medical exam to address Mary’s mental health issues, and the healthcare provider went on to schedule a needed dental appointment. Fortunately, Mountain Family was here for them in their time of need.

“The whole care team, including the front desk staff, wrapped their arms around us,”
explained Audrey.

The challenge Mary faced in finding affordable, integrated healthcare is echoed by locals across our mountain communities working to make ends meet to care for themselves and their families. Securing affordable healthcare is becoming even more challenging. Many people lost their Medicaid coverage with the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency this past May. Currently, 40% of our patients are uninsured, and this number is expected to rise despite our efforts to enroll patients in public and private insurance programs.

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