Weigh and Win

Devon Spaulding, Human Resources Coordinator

Mobile Kiosk

Through June 8th: Edwards health center, 8am-5pm, 320 Beard Creek Rd, Edwards, CO 81632

June 11th – 22nd: Basalt health center: 8am-4pm, 234 Cody Lane, Basalt, CO 81621

June 22nd – July 6th: Glenwood Springs health center: 8am-5pm, 1905 Blake Ave, Suite 101, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


  1. What is the Weigh and Win program?

Weigh and Win is a FREE program that helps participants achieve and maintain a healthy weight through daily emails and/or text messages, a weekly journal, 24/7 health guide, and access to personal trainers through phone or email interaction. Participants can stay accountable and visually track their progress through photographed weigh-ins completed at private scales, referred to as “kiosks,” located throughout the community. Weight improvement enables participants to earn quarterly cash rewards (if initial BMI is >= 25) and all participants are eligible for monthly prizes just for participating.

  1. Who can participate in the program?

The Weigh and Win program is free for all Colorado residents ages 18 and over. Only those with a BMI of 25 or greater at the initial weigh-in are eligible to earn the rewards for losing weight per the established incentive scale. Those with a BMI of less than 25 may still participant in the program and can be eligible for HEALTHpoints prizes by accruing points through program participation.

  1. How does the program work?

Join: Easy enrollment online or at any kiosk location.

Coach: A daily email or text message program that coaches individuals on healthy eating and active living (messages tailored based on enrollment preferences).

Measure: Participants will weigh-in at a private, automated kiosk located in their community every 90 days. Weigh-in results and live progress tracking will facilitate the quarterly rewards program.

Reward: Opportunity to earn quarterly cash rewards for reaching the specified weight improvement marks (see chart in #9). You can also earn prizes from local retail partners by accruing HEALTHpoints for participating in program activities (i.e. weekly journal).

Team Challenge: Periodic Team Challenges are typically three months in duration. Teams can be comprised of family, friends, and/or co-workers who will further motivate participants and allow them to earn additional rewards.

  1. What are my options to join?

Enroll online! Enrollment is quick and easy. Just visit www.weighandwin.com and click the “Join Now It’s Free” button. Complete a profile that only takes about five to ten minutes. The final step in the enrollment is to go to any local Weigh and Win kiosk to complete your baseline weigh-in.

Or, start enrollment at the kiosk! At any Weigh and Win kiosk, select the “Join Now” button, and then enter your email address, height, and complete a baseline weigh-in for the program year. Then, further instructions to complete your profile will be sent to the email address you entered at the kiosk. Be sure to use the link in the email in order to complete your enrollment!