English 2019 Health Center Week - SQUARE

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Join Mountain Family Health Centers as we celebrate National Health Center Week. We have an information booth and theme at our Rifle Integrated Health Center each day.

Monday, August 5th
Booth – Quality Day
Dress Up – Crazy Hair Day
Early Morning Yoga

Tuesday, August 6th
Booth – Dental Day
Dress Up – Tie dye Day

Wednesday, August 7th
Booth – Medical Day
Dress Up – Cowboy Day

Thursday, August 8th
Booth – Behavioral Health
Dress Up – 80’s Day

Friday, August 9th
Booth – Health Information & Care Coordination
Dress Up – Favorite Sports Team (jersey, hat, t-shirt)

In 2019, health centers will serve 29 million patients. 385,000 veteran patients will be served; 10% of health center patients have Medicare. There are over 1,400 community health center organizations.