We are pleased to welcome the individuals and families listed below as Founding Members of our new Health For All Fund, totaling 47 to date. 

Founding Members agree make gifts over three years to the Health For All Fund, ensuring that a steady stream of life-saving funds will continue to benefit the 21,000 patients we serve.  All Founding Members are prominently listed in our Impact Report and on other publications such as this one throughout the year, along with other special benefits.

The deadline to become a Founding Member is May 31, 2021.  It is not too late to join the Founding Member program. Please call (970) 989-1134 or email Jan Jennings at jjennings@mountainfamily.org for more information.

Thank you for your generous support investing in Mountain Family today and in years to come.

Founding Members (as of February 24, 2021)

Larry Agneberg
Alpenglow Foundation
Karyn Anderson
Emily Borkovec
Mike Brodie
Ross and Lindsey Brooks
Terri Caine
Steve and Molly Child
Camille Cook
Joseph (JK) Costello
Sandra & Cliff Deveny
Paz C. Escobar
Wendy Flottmeyer
Mark and Kit Fordham
Jon, Julie, & Oliver Fox-Rubin
Annette Franta
Mark Alan Gillis
Stephen Glass
Carolyn and Dan Hardin
Anneliese Heckert
Roberta Hodge
InSight Coaching & Consulting
Jan Jennings and Michael Mount
Tom Kowal
Trish & Scott Kramer
Lang Burns Family
Steve Leazer
Betty Lucas
Victor & Kseniya Mamlin Mamlin
Siouxanne Mease
Gail E. Mizner, MD
Donald Moore
Blanca & Cavanaugh O’Leary
Scott Owens
Matt and Becca Percy
Monica Perez-Rhodes
Kent and Martha Petrie
Pueblo Community Health Center
RA Nelson LLC
Randy Rush
Sydney Schalit
Rob Stein and Mariah Dickson
Bruce Strasinger
Lynn Urban
Marija Weeden
Christine Yoest