Derek Sell Patient Educator GWS

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Derek Sell, SQL Data Analyst, is the winner of the September 2019 Mariposa Award. Derek was nominated by Kelly Ketzenbarger, RN, and IT Director Fred Frederick. Thank you for your excellent work, Derek, and for always going the extra mile.

“Derek has been an integral part of at least 3 major projects that I know of and I’m sure there are many more that I don’t know of… Having Derek on our IT team makes projects… go so very smoothly for the end users. I understand it may not be so smooth on the back side but you’d never know it because Derek is so kind and patient and giving. On a day to day basis, Derek is always there for you. And he can fix anything! It is so nice having Derek on our team! Thank you, Derek for all your hard work! You’re The Man!” – Kelly Ketzenbarger, RN

Derek lives our values to the fullest in every aspect of how he does his job for Mountain Family. Derek tirelessly helps all those in our family that needs his help – always with a positive attitude and willingness to help. Derek has committed himself to learning new technology to help Mountain Family maintain our leadership in patient care for our community and demonstrates a high level of sincere care/concern for the patients we serve… Derek is a very valuable member of the IT TEAM – but also a valuable asset for Mountain Family.” – Fred Frederick, IT Director