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In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the proclamation declaring National Philanthropy Day as November 15.

He wrote, “the literal meaning of ‘philanthropy’ is affection for mankind.’ Throughout our history, we Americans have displayed this trait through our generous charitable giving and our spirit of neighbor helping neighbor. We help each other, and we reach out to help people all over the world.”

We are so grateful for all of our donors who help us do amazing things everyday.

Why Donate to Mountain Family?

Mountain Family Health Centers provides affordable medical, dental, behavioral and pharmacy healthcare to more than 24,000 patients at our four integrated health centers in Basalt, Glenwood Springs, Rifle, and Edwards and our five school-based health centers.

Now, your support is needed to help fund ongoing care for the patients who need it most. As the national Public Health Emergency comes to a close in early 2023, many people will lose access to Medicaid and become uninsured. We need your support to continue providing healthcare to all, regardless of ability to pay.  

Colorado Gives Day Season

On National Philanthropy Day, we take the time to think about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

Colorado Gives Day has become a season of giving: November 1 through December 6, 2022.

Every donation during early season giving enters Mountain Family for a chance to win additional incentive prizes through Colorado Gives Day – giving us the chance to make your donation go every further.

Click here to donate to Mountain Family on the Colorado Gives Day website

Other Ways To Help

Make us your Amazon Smiles Non-Profit of choice! Log into Amazon as your normally do, but change your link to before you check out. Once your done with your purchase, Amazon will donate on your behalf to Mountain Family. There is no additional charge to you and no need to create a new account.

Click here to make us your Amazon Smile non-profit!

Ways to Share with Your Community

  • Write a review on Facebook or Google
  • Share our Facebook posts or YouTube videos on your pages or stories
  • Send us a story about your healthcare provider – we love to pass on the positivity
  • Set the example: share the donation link to our Colorado Gives Day page