I want to recognize the hard work that the testing teams have been doing since the start of COVID testing at MFHC. Come rain snow sun or clouds each team has put up with a lot, adapted, and carried on without complaint. I want to recognize Yunira in Basalt this week who along with Marija tested 20 some patients, with some quick add-ons, and rolled out our rapid testing strategy. The constant changes have been a strain on these teams, but they are continuing. Their dedication to our patients is much appreciated.

-Anneliese Heckert, DO

I believe the MFHC COVID testing teams are very deserving to be recognized as exemplary care providers this month. In my opinion this is the most important public health and community service we are currently providing, and I appreciate the hard work of everyone involved.  Across the organization multiple nurses, MAs, practice managers, providers, front desk and call center staff have taken on the extra work and frequent changes involved in offering testing to our community while still fulfilling their regular duties. This extra work is much appreciated. I want to recognize the teams who have braved heat and cold in less than comfortable PPE to swab and evaluate patients in the parking lot. In the Rifle site, this team has primarily been Consuelo Gaytan, Wendy Gil, and Karen Torres. I appreciate very much these ladies’ extremely hard work and willingness to try new things. They have often had to improvise with limited staff coverage or last-minute changes and have been willing to adjust on the fly to keep things running smoothly. Without the efforts of our MFHC testing teams I am certain that the COVID crisis in our local communities would be even worse and we have saved several lives by providing this service. Thanks again to all who have chipped in during this unprecedented time.

-Matt Percy, MD

MFHC is filled with heroes. A hero is defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. There are many of you who are heroes but today we need to recognize a group of individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, who have brought smiles to patients and family when there was fear and uncertainty, and wore costumes so the children would feel more comfortable. Our heroes today are the many who have participated in the COVID testing. The main responsibility has fallen to our nurses and practice managers. This includes Greg Wolf, Karen Torres, Kelly Ketzenbarger, Molli Deines, Nataly Meraz, Siouxanne Mease, Wilber Mendez, Wynette Jackson, Yunira Gomez for the RN crew and Amanda Canete, Wendy Gil, Storie Merchant and Marija Weeden for the PM crew. Thank you for the added work you have had to do, for working weekends to inform patients of their results, and continuing to bring our clinics together. MFHC and our communities are better due to the hard work and dedication you have given. Thank you.  

-Jenny Lang Burns, FNP