By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winners of the November 2019 Exemplary Care Award are Dr. Gail Mizner, MD; Susan Orcutt, FNP; Nataly Meraz, RN; and Danyelle Rigli, Advocacy Coordinator and Executive Assistant to CEO Ross Brooks.

The team was nominated by Dr. Anneliese Heckert, DO, for going the extra mile to make sure a patient was as prepared as possible for a medical procedure.

Afterwards, Dr. Heckert reported the group effort effort was a success: “[The patient] is off to his biopsy tomorrow morning! I saw the patient this morning and he is truly appreciative of everyone’s care—and I’m pretty impressed with the level of teamwork everyone contributed!”

Also nominated were Dr. Connor Rivers, DMD; Dr. Casey Aguirre, DO; Natasha Ellwood, PA-C; Behavioral Health Provider Barbra “Barb” Corcoran, MSW, and Charlene “Charlie” Pariera, RDH.