Mariposa Award - Mayra Sanchez Front Desk Supervisor Rifle and Edwards

By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winner of the November 2018 Mariposa Award is Mayra Sanchez, Front Desk Supervisor for our Edwards and Rifle health centers. Mayra was nominated by Jenny Lang, Wendy Flottmeyer, and Gary Schreiner. Congratulations, Mayra, and thank you for your hard work!

“There is one employee that has been working above and beyond her job title. She has tirelessly worked to support the Edwards clinic to assure… that we had front desk coverage and now to affirm that our new front desk employees are supported and properly trained. Mayra Sanchez has been traveling 74 miles every day for the past 3 months. Not once have I heard her voice frustration or fatigue. She has come to work every day with dedication and passion that is truly exemplary. The Edwards clinic would not have been able to function without the work of Mayra Sanchez. I have come to consider Mayra as our special fairy. She comes every day with a smile on her face and sprinkles her fairy dust on the Edwards clinic and twinkles her nose to travel between the clinics. Mayra Sanchez is more than deserving of the Mariposa award. I cannot recognize her enough to say thank you for the hours of travel and support for the Edwards clinic.” – Jenny Lang, FNP, Site Medical Director for Glenwood Springs and Edwards health centers

“I’d like to nominate Mayra Sanchez for the [Mariposa] award this month. She has gone above and beyond her role as Front Desk supervisor of Rifle and Edwards. For the last couple of months, she has been driving over an hour each way, each day, to arrive at the Edwards clinic to either cover the front desk or train our new team members. She remains cheerful and efficient and collections continues to make a steady incline. Mayra is showing our new people how to greet patients in her easy, friendly manner and she continues to show that she cares about our Mountain Family as she leads her teams to embrace what it means to be a part of this organization.” – Wendy Flottmeyer, Revenue Cycle Manager

“I would like to endorse Mayra for everything she has done for the past several months; mainly driving to Edwards every day from Rifle to assure that the front desk is manned and operating smoothly. She is always in good spirits, friendly, and always very helpful. Plus, she has patience like a saint. If I need to be lifted emotionally, I will go talk to Mayra and she will bring my mood up. Highly recommend Mayra for this recognition.” – Gary Schreiner, Behavioral Health Provider & Behavioral Health Director Gary Schreiner, PhD