Family Enrollment at Riverview School - Silvia Santana Spring 2018

Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family’s Outreach and Enrollment team is visiting schools this spring, to talk with parents and students about the services Mountain Family provides. The team visited Glenwood Elementary School in March, Riverview School in April, and will visit Carbondale in May. Silvia Santana, Mountain Family’s Outreach and Enrollment Manager, says the goal is to reach parents and families who don’t have a medical home or are looking for a new doctor. They provide information about insurance programs and medical, behavioral, and dental services provided by Mountain Family.

Her team hopes to reach parents and families who otherwise don’t have the time find information about health care providers in the area. During this effort, Mountain Family has connected 31 families with affordable options for care, in partnership with the Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork Schools.

The next school visit is Wednesday, May 16th at Crystal River Elementary School from 11am – 3pm, at 160 Snowmass Drive in Carbondale. Santana says her team will revisit whether they can continue doing school-based outreach during the 2018-2019 school year.