Hands for equity story

By Garry Schalla, Development Director

Mountain Family Health Centers, in collaboration with Center for Health Progress, is pleased to present workshops based on the graphic novel Waiting for Health Equity. These 90-minute workshops will be presented free of charge for up to 40 participants at each location.

To ensure our health care system works for all Coloradans, Mountain Family strives to understand and address the reasons why it does not currently work for everyone. The root causes of the problem are economic, social, and racial injustices embedded in our upbringing and society. These injustices affect the ability of Colorado residents to access health insurance and health care services, as well as safe housing, healthy food, reliable transportation, and other essentials needed for getting and staying healthy. At Mountain Family, our doors have been open to all for forty years, regardless of age, race, religion or financial status. We believe access to affordable health care is a human right, not a privilege.

The Center for Health Progress is working to change how Colorado defines health care and how the health care system can achieve health equity by facilitating conversations with leaders around the state, building relationships with health provider systems and decision makers, and introducing these ideas into the public and political narrative.

In these workshops, we will utilize Center for Health Progress graphic novel, Waiting for Health Equity, as a tool in deepening complex conversations about the challenges Colorado faces in working towards health equity. The graphic novel can be read here.

The workshops will be held at the locations below. All workshops are free but size is limited. Reserve your spot today!

Thursday, November 1st: 9am to 11am at the Calaway Room, Third Street Center, Carbondale

Thursday, November 1st: 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Glenwood Springs Community Center, room TBD

Friday, November 2nd: 9am to 11am at the Miller Ranch Conference Room, Edwards

This is an incredible opportunity for leaders and staff alike to learn and grow together. To RSVP, contact Garry Schalla, Development Director, gschalla@mountainfamily.org and 970-318-8018 (cell).