Test national health center week

By Garry Schalla, Development Director

National Health Center Week is August 13th – 19th, and Mountain Family Health Centers (MFHC) will be celebrating with events on August 14th – August 18th.
While the national debate and legislation on health care may change our plans, here is a brief outline of what we are planning:

Lunch will be held at each of Mountain Family’s clinic sites (listed below) from 12:00pm – 1:30pm. We will be inviting elected officials, fire and police departments, public health officials and the media. Lunch will be served by the Chiefs and some Directors. Times for each location are:

  • Monday August 14 – Rifle
  • Tuesday August 15 – Basalt
  • Wednesday August 16 – Glenwood Springs
  • Thursday August 17 – Edwards

Our features for each day will be as follows:

  • Monday, August 14th – Health Screening Day (blood pressure, heart, lungs), MFHC social media will feature posts from sites, and an article by our own John Lawrence on immunizations.
  • Tuesday, August 15th – Tribute to Healthy, Affordable Food – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” with free apples handed out at each site. MFHC social media will feature healthy, affordable foods, and the MFHC garden.
  • Wednesday August 16th – The Regional Struggle with Housing and Health
  • Thursday August 17th – Children’s Health Day
  • Friday August 18th – Celebrating the MFHC Family