Nominated by Barb Corcoran:

Cristina really struggled with caring for a patient that seemed to be having a panic/anxiety attack, which then turned into a seizure, paramedics were called.  

 Cristina continues to work with this patient, provide excellent care and is getting her hooked up with services to help her live a healthier, fuller life including advocacy from the Advocate Safehouse Project. 

Nominated by Mary Patterson:

I would like to nominate Cristina in BH-  she has been such an asset to our clinic.  I feel lately many days she has been the only BH provider in Glenwood but always willing to help.  She has such a calming way and it definitely shows how much she cares for our patients. 

Yesterday in particular was a hard day with a patient and she stayed right there with her to be sure she was safe. 

Thank you Cristina!  You are awesome!