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By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations to Scott Owens for winning the May 2019 Mariposa Award. Scott is Chief Workforce Officer for Mountain Family Health Centers and was nominated by Chief Executive Officer Ross Brooks, Director of Integrated Care Dr. Anneliese Heckert, and Director of Clinical Staff Dr. Matt Percy.

Here is an excerpt from the nomination:
Scott Owens joined Mountain Family Health Centers (MFHC) with absolutely no health care experience after developing his human resources (HR) skills managing large staffs at Target and Aspen Skiing Company. I talked Scott into applying for a job at MFHC on the golf course. He reluctantly applied and accepted the HR Manager position at MFHC after we enthusiastically pursued him… [Scott’s] leadership is responsible for the following at MFHC:
-The MFHC Index of Wellbeing
-Star Cards
-Emotional Intelligence/The Future of Leadership is Teal/Leadership 360
-Doubling the number of MFHC medical, dental, and behavioral health providers receiving Colorado Health Services Corps loan repayment for serving, and finding their passion, providing care at MFHC
-Doubling the MFHC total workforce in his first 5 years of employment at MFHC
-Developing Medical Assistant career paths to help train, promote, and elevate MA leaders at MFHC
-Curating MFHC’s “Ben and Jerry’s Principle” whereby we seek to keep top compensation (CEO, Medical Providers) to no more than 6 times entry level compensation at MFHC
-Curating MFHC’s move to a sustainable living wage for all employees (all staff paid at least $16/hour with career paths to increase compensation), and ensuring equal pay for equal work (women and men paid equally for equal work)

… It has been a pleasure to watch Scott grow as a leader at Mountain Family. Thanks to his hard work, our Human Resources department is more efficient and effective than ever, employee engagement and empowerment is on the rise and MFHC is testing innovative models of health care delivery.” – Ross Brooks, CEO