Mariposa Awards Image for Healthbeat

May 2024: Cheyenne Roark, Health Information Specialist

Over the past several months Cheyenne stepped in to help with training and leadership in the Health Information Department while Amber was out, and I know the team really appreciated having her experience and steady hand to help during that time. More specifically, over the past few months I’ve been engaged more in things from patient complaints to community partnerships, and those have come with random needs that required the assistance of someone who knows what they are doing in the EHR better than me, and Chyenne has been my go-to. Most recently I needed some paperwork attached to charts and she not only attached them, but placed alerts, looked up information that the partner organization needed, and got it all back to me in under a business day. She’s also been attending various meetings to talk about transcription and working hard to get the transcription box caught up. I’m so thankful for Cheyenne!

–Marija Weeden, Director of Operations

June 2024: Tania Gallegos, RN

I am so excited to nominate Tania for the Mariposa award this month. Tania has been an incredible addition to our nursing team in the last year. Of course, she has also been an incredible addition to our patients across all of our Mountain Family sites.  I love that she has found a passion towards our mission of providing caring and compassionate care, which is what makes her the best candidate for this award. She has established caring relationships with our patients and is thorough about making sure that patients’ needs are met.  Thank you, Tania, for making a difference every day and for all of your hard work!  -Nataly Meraz

Tania has been an outstanding addition to our nursing team. She is caring, thoughtful, organized, a self-starter, and all-around cheerful person. Her position is remote, yet she is always present in our nursing and medical teams. From doing tasks, picking up questions, triage calls, and jumping on projects, Tania has helped streamline processes and improve patient care and outreach. I hear great things about Tania at any clinic I go to.  We are lucky very lucky to have her, thank you for all you do Tania!

Karen Torres, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager

July 2024: Katie Takach, DDS

I am excited to nominate Dr. Katie Takach for this month’s Mariposa award.  Dr. Takach has been with Mountain Family for almost a year and during this time she has made so many positive impacts to the dental department, the Basalt Clinic, and for integrated care.  Day in and day out Dr. Katie provides compassionate and precise oral health care for her patients.  Always willing to go the extra mile to help, she tirelessly looks for ways to get her patients the help they need and want.  As a leader in the department, she is constantly on the lookout to improve systems and processes to help her team be efficient and for the day run smoothly.   We are so fortunate to have Dr. Takach being a part MFHC, and I look forward to learning and collaborating with her for years to come. 

–Aaron McCormick, DDS, Dental Director