By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winner of the Mariposa Award for August is Stephanie Previc! Stephanie was nominated by Diana Saenz and Levi Alexander, whom had these words of appreciation.

From Diana Saenz:

I would like to nominate Stephanie Previc as August’s Employee of the Month. Prior to joining MFHC in July of 2016, Stephanie proved her excellence by being a HRSA Nurse Corps Scholar. She has proven to be an invaluable member of the team in her role as Clinic Nurse Facilitator. When Stephanie started her career with Mountain Family, the Clinic Nurse Facilitator was a new position. She assisted in developing and designing this position in order to provide excellent patient care. Stephanie now consistently leads planning meetings with the Clinic Nurse Facilitator team. She is involved in training the Nurse/MA teams on their roles in providing excellent patient care. Stephanie researches best practices and finds ways to implement changes to improve MFHC’s practice. For example, she recently co-wrote the changes made to the Procedures Policy and Procedure. As part of the MFHC Advocacy Committee, Stephanie demonstrates her commitment to fulfilling her role as a patient advocate. She has also represented MFHC with government leaders such as the office of Senator Cory Gardner. Stephanie is diligent and consistently seeks ways to improve her practice. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

From Levi Alexander:

I would like to further add to the reasons why Stephanie should be nominated as the Employee of the Month for August. Stephanie is dedicated and passionate about her work and providing the necessary services to populations in need. One project she and I are currently working on is a postpartum project to connect our patients with the support they so desperately need during an extremely difficult and emotional time in their lives. Stephanie is driven to make the education and support available to these patients, and her knowledge of community health as well as her ability to connect effectively with resources in surrounding counties, is invaluable. This is an enormous undertaking as prenatal and postpartum services are severely lacking in much of the area Mountain Family Health Centers serves. Stephanie is helping to create a sustainable program to support the services that are currently available in surrounding counties. Stephanie is so patient and kind to everyone she meets. She takes the time to truly listen and her smile always brightens the room. I am honored to know and work with Stephanie, and appreciate all she does for Mountain Family patients and employees every day.