Veronica Morales 2.5.19

This month’s award goes to Veronica (Roni) Morales

“Roni has shown extraordinary resiliency in a time where things are changing rapidly in Care Coordination and all of our clinics. She is working tirelessly as the default go to leader for the day to day tasks of the Care Coordination Team (CCT). She didn’t hesitate to asses the complex problems that have been ongoing with workflows, contracts with outside companies, and integrations with clinical teams, but instead has leaned in to figure out what improvements we can make as Care Coordination turns the page into a new era. I appreciate her diligence and communication, and am grateful for her friendship in such a potentially nerve-wracking time. Thank you for all you do Roni!” – Dr. Anneliese Heckert

“I believe that Roni is the most deserving person for this award. Roni is very hard working and is an extremely dedicated supervisor. Roni always goes above and beyond for patients, co-workers and loved ones, even with nothing in return. Since joining MF, Roni has been nothing but supportive and an amazing leader. Roni does not shy away from advocating for what is right and what is moral. Roni always speaks up and speaks her mind, and this trait is what makes her such a unique supervisor and person. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and good vibes! I have learned so much from Roni in just a few months and her leadership makes for a great, happy work environment. I could not have asked for a better supervisor.” -Melisa Sanchez