Elana Price Patient Service Manager

Congratulations Elaena Price – Patient Service Manager

Elaena is an amazing individual and is always super energetic and happy to help. I appreciate her so much and I envy her flexibility. She has truly rolled with the punches but never shies away from the battle. Her enthusiasm and compassionate leadership is a model for all. I have seen her firsthand making her team feel appreciated and recognized. Elaena embodies the MFHC mission!

– Wilber Mendez

Elaena—I will always have a special place in my heart for Elaena, I’ve told her before, she is the one that gave me the chance that allowed me to get back to these mountains. But my love and appreciation for her doesn’t stop there. She is truly one of a kind. She is incredibly dedicated and hard working—she has like 5 jobs currently… seriously does anyone know her whole title anymore? I can’t imagine a fuller plate, yet when I text her something that has wrecked havoc in my day, I get a call back to check on me and to give me some great advice. She is an incredible team builder, she makes her teams feel supported and valued. She is dedicated to patient care and really supporting Mountain Family in any way needed. She is no longer my supervisor but I see her team reach out to her daily and are always met with kind and supportive words. She has taken on teams and challenges because they needed attention and she figures out how to make them successful. Her strategic planning has attributed to the success of many endeavors here at Mountain Family. Just taking on the Title X program from her has really opened my eyes as to all the million things she has done here that don’t really get highlighted. Elaena, you truly deserve this recognition, I’m grateful for everything you do and everything you are.

– Amanda Canete

I would like to nominate Elaena Price for the Mariposa award. I have only worked for Mountain Family and Elaena a short time but in that time Elaena has proven to be an amazing leader, hardworking and ALWAYS goes the extra mile to make me feel special. I always look forward to Elaena’s visits or our one on ones. She is so uplifting and always has a smile on her face. I have worked for bosses in the past but now I realize I have never worked for a true leader; I am so grateful to have her in my corner! She has recently put on a few new hats and still is here to support our team, answer questions, and help us navigate the ever-changing world of Health Information. I am so grateful for her and look forward to working with her and my team for a long time!

– Amber Falk

Having had the pleasure to work with Elaena either as her immediate supervisor or indirect supervisor I cannot think of a more deserving candidate provider or not. II could note how she has elevated and educated her skill sets over the 13 years with MFHC, or how she has excelled at every role assigned or promoted to; but all I need to reflect on is as of 11/5 how she has assumed the role of interim IT Director for HIT and the many direct comments to me by staff a different levels of her again excellence in carryout her duties.

– Art Fernandez